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Embua Bey Lamitu (Vol.2)
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Embua Bey Lamitu (Vol.2)
እምባ በይ ላሚቱ ቁ.2

Music by: Girma Moges | Format: Audio CD

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Track Listing:
Song Title
1. YeWeyn Haregitu (Aykedashim Libe) (የወይን ሃረጊቱ (አይከዳሽም ልቤ))
2. Tizitaw Garedew (ትዝታ ጋረደው)
3. Enbua Bey Lamitu (Enchi libe Eko New) (እንባ በይ ላሚቱ(እንቺ ልቤ እኮ ነው))
4. Yagere Lij (Mela Tisitegn) (ያገሬ ልጅ (መላት ስጠኝ))
5. MeWideden Wededikut (መውደዴን ወደድኩት)
6. Eyiwat Sitinafikegn(Chigirish Bene Yalifal) (እይዋት ስትናፍቀኝ (ችግርሽ በኔ ያልፋል))
7. Bemin Kal Lasiredash (Mewided Awik Neber) (በምን ቃል ላስረዳሽ (መውደድ አውቅ ነበር))
8. Minew Teleyeshign(Mela Tisitegn) (ምነው ተለየሽኝ (መላ ትስጠኝ))
9. Sinigebegebilat (Chuheten) (ስንገበገብላት(ጩኸቴን))
10. Eititi Beredegn (Enigenagnalen) (እትት በረደኝ(እንገናኛለን))
11. Tizita (Sewinetua) (ትዝታ(ሰውነታ))

Product Details
  Singer: Girma Moges
  Format: Audio CD
  Number of Discs: 1
  Music Type: Instrumental
  Note: Gift-wrapping is not available for this item.
  MPID: 2284224857
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