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Contact offers Ethiopian Books, Music, Spiritual Songs/Mezmure and Movies. Those books found on Mereb are mainly written by Ethiopian authors. The music and movies are also almost totally the work of Ethiopians. is based on the popular online shopping with the intention to make Mereb a familiar application so that user can easily browse and order items.

Once gets popular, we will come up with unique Ethiopic design and features. We appreciate for any comment you give us.

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Amharic Music Oromigna Music Tigirigna Music
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Tewahedo Songs Menzuma & Neshida Pentecostal Songs
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Leaders & Notable
Historical Study Military
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Sermons Counseling Saints
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Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Fiction
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New arrivals
Books: Top 5
Basha Kitaw 1. Basha Kitaw
ባሻ ቅጣው

Sahile Silase Birihane Mariam
Paper Cover
Merek 2. Merek

Adam Reta
Paper Cover
Meseretawi YeMetshafKidus Atenan Zede 3. Meseretawi YeMetshafKidus Atenan Zede
መሠረታዊ የመጽሐፍ ቅዱስ አጠናን ዘዴ

Memiher Cherinet Abebe
Paper Cover
YeMetshaf Kidus Tinat- 2 4. YeMetshaf Kidus Tinat- 2
የመጽሐፍ ቅዱስ ጥናት-፪

Like Tebebit Haregeweyn Ageze
and Kesis Sintayehu Abate
Paper Cover
YeMetshaf Kidus Tinat- 1 5. YeMetshaf Kidus Tinat- 1
የመጽሐፍ ቅዱስ ጥናት-፩

Memihir Chere Abebe
and Deacon Teodros Beyene
Paper Cover
New arrivals
Music & Songs: Top 5
Asitaraki 1. Asitaraki

Abinet Agonafer (Ab)
Audio CD
Keyet Sefer 2. Keyet Sefer
ከዛ ሰፈር

Tamirat Desta
Audio CD
Meche New 3. Meche New
መቼ ነው

Yosef Gebre (Jossy)
Audio CD
Yisema'ani Lo 4. Yisema'ani Lo
ይስመኣኒ ኣሎ

Abreham G/medhin
Audio CD
Wihibto 5. Wihibto

Solomon Haile
Audio CD
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